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What Makes for a Good Internship?

Opportunity for Growth: A common stereotype is that interns are always stuck running around taking coffee orders and making copies. Even though these are very trivial tasks, interns are usually expected to complete simpler tasks when they first start their internship. However, as an intern shows competence and develops new skills, they will have the opportunity to take on new tasks. This progression is a tangible manifestation of the intern’s growth throughout the internship period.

Professionalism: In order to have a good internship experience, it is important for interns to take their work seriously. Showing up on time and completing all tasks in a timely manner shows many important skills, such as time management, work ethic, and professionalism.

Networking: Interns should capitalize on every opportunity they have to network with new people. This includes getting to know coworkers, other interns, clients, etc. Getting to know the people you work with will create a more positive and comfortable work environment. These connections can also be beneficial in the future or simply teach you something new that you otherwise would never have known.

Feedback: The best way to make improvements is to learn from your mistakes. Interns should ask for feedback, whether it is on specific projects or overall performance. Asking for feedback gives you the opportunity to learn your strengths and weaknesses and shows that you are eager to improve.

Asking Questions: Guidance and mentorships are important components of an internship, as interns are just getting started in a new industry. Interns should always feel comfortable asking questions if a task is an unclear or if they are curious about something in the industry. As an intern, you are new to the company and the industry, so you are not expected to know everything. Asking questions shows that you have genuine interest and are looking for opportunities to learn.