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Minor Repairs and Property Maintenance – Avoiding Large Bills

Let us face it – something breaks down, stops working or simply needs to be changed around our homes or property investment all the time. This is why we would advise any landlord or property owner to allow for monthly maintenance expense at their property.

Quite often people cannot be bothered with the most recent leaking tap, mold spot or wet wall pattern. Even worse, tenants don’t tell their landlords about an issue until it is too late.

This is why we make sure we have our cleaners do periodic inspection of our properties as they perform their cleaning duties. This way any issues (no matter how big or small) that start to appear are quickly spotted within 7 to 10 days from occurrence. Further, we make sure our maintenance team does a monthly inspection of our properties to ensure something has not been missed by our cleaners. Not to mention that we encourage our tenants to let us know as any issue appears as soon as they notice it.

These procedures of regular checks help us avoid large repair bills for ourselves and for our landlords. Don’t wait until the issue has become so large you have to spend thousands of pounds to repair it, conduct regular inspections… And for the instances where you need a handyman for the odd repair or larger renovation, we are here for you – our Maintenance and Renovation team can tackle any challenge!