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How to find a room to rent in London?

There are many places where one can find a room. Many turn to the help of friends and family, looking for a connection or someone they know who is looking for a roommate. Often people post on familiar social platforms such as Facebook or Twitter.

But when you don’t know someone looking for a roommate, the search can be a little tricky. Many are used to or expect the familiar traditional local estate agent to help and there are hundreds of estate agencies across London. However, most don’t deal with room lets, but instead let whole properties and the few that do are not specialized to deal with the intricacies of letting a room and/or offer quite expensive rooms and don’t provide a good service.

There are also the aggregators, such as Rightmove and Zoopla, but they also mostly deal with whole properties and are essentially a conduit to above-mentioned estate agencies. Thus, some people turn to the offerings on Gumtree, which is not specialized in room lets and on top of that unfortunately attracts “bad agents” who might not even have a room to rent.

Finally, we come to our top pick and the go-to place for room lets in London, Spareroom. Spareroom is a widely used website that is specialized in room lets and has tens of thousands of rooms in London alone, but offers rooms across the UK and even the US. The website attracts landlords and property managers and can offer great quality rooms at market prices. The platform is professional and focuses on swiftly eliminating and not tolerating any unprofessional landlords or agents.

Since our inception, we (at Edgile Properties) have always offered our rooms through Spareroom and continue to do so. So besides being able to look up our latest offerings on our website, you can also do so on their website.

We hope you found this article helpful and wish you good luck with your search for a room in London or beyond!